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Food brings all people together - Leiths in Sixth at Godolphin

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The Leiths Introductory Certificate is one of the many extra qualifications on offer to the girls at Godolphin. It provides them with an excellent foundation for life after School, whether it be at university, for use during a gap year or for family life in the future! Leiths is the most prestigious and recognised cooking school in the UK and at Godolphin we offer one of their courses, giving students the opportunity to learn such vital skills for life.

The course covers a wide variety of skills enabling students to become confident and accomplished cooks. The huge range of skills includes, filleting and skinning fish to jointing a chicken as well as being able to read any recipe and be able to make it. In addition to the practical work, they also learn to cook within a budget and the habit of good hygiene and safety that goes alongside cooking.

On completion of the course, many students use the nationally recognised qualification to gain employment during their gap year as they are able to offer family holiday cooking around the UK and Europe. At university there is also the opportunity to offer catering to earn money as well as being able to bring a sense of ‘home’ to their busy university life by cooking dinner parties with their new friends.

Occasionally the course lights a spark in some, who decide that catering is the career they wish to pursue. There is the opportunity for students to continue with more advanced cooking at the Leiths School of Food and Wine in London to gain the diploma. This can lead to excellent career opportunities which includes, working in top restaurants, private households, yachts or setting up your own catering business.

It is a life skill and we are very lucky to have this course on offer for girls who join Godolphin Sixth. The course is an additional fee which covers all of the teaching, ingredients, Leiths cookery bible and professional knife set. The kitchen facilities are fabulous and a Leiths trained tutor teaches the students each week for five terms.

Food brings all people together- whoever you are, wherever you are and what ever stage you are in life!

To find out and see more please watch our video below or contact The Food and Nutrition Department. Your daughters will have the opportunity to sign up to this course in the 2021 Spring Term.