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Excellent A-level Results at Godolphin, for an exceptional year.

A Level

We are very pleased to announce that once again Godolphin students have worked with dedication and purpose during their time in the Sixth Form and have gained an excellent set of results. A great deal of hard work has gone into the awarding of these grades and we are incredibly proud of all that they have achieved. This has been the most crucial time of their school careers and our students deserve to be judged fairly. Teaching staff have given their time and energy throughout the year, not only by delivering an alternative learning programme last term but also by providing centre assessed grades so that each individual student gets the results that they deserve. Parents too deserve to be acknowledged and thanked. The strong sense of community at Godolphin, so often commented upon, has helped us all through these challenging times.

Rightly, the focus now turns to next steps for our leavers, and we are pleased to say that the vast majority have achieved the places they need to further their education on courses of their choice. We have students with confirmed places to go on to study diverse subjects ranging from French and Spanish to Physics; Commercial Music to Engineering; Actuarial Science to Fine Art; Biological Sciences to Ancient History and Classical Civilisation; Psychology to History of Art; and Economics to English.

These courses will be studied at a range of Universities including Oxford, Birmingham, UCL, Durham, Exeter, Warwick, Bristol, University of the Arts London, LSE and Edinburgh.

Although the statistical process imposed by the examination boards has both increased and decreased some grades we are able to report an excellent set of overall results with 25% A* grades and 50% A* to A, including Distinctions in appropriate qualifications. There have been outstanding performances from Georgina Clark, Maisie Molyneux, Brigitte Han, Isobel Horsfield, Cecilia Lockyer, Olivia Bai and Rachel Xu.

As further detail is available regarding the appeals process, especially on the basis of mock grades, we will continue to evaluate the statistical process used to determine the grades, and proceed accordingly.

Head, Emma Hattersley, commented “these students have shown great fortitude, especially over the past six months. It is only right now that their diligence and sheer hard graft over the last two years is recognised by the examination boards, enabling them to move on to the next stage of their lives with confidence. This was a bright year group so I am pleased that in the main, their efforts have been rewarded, although I do have concerns as to how some of the grades have been calculated. Now is a time for calmness and student support as we work through the statistics and understand the implications for each individual. I am immensely proud of them all.”