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'Dancing and shaking away all day' for Macmillan

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On Thursday 26 September, we ventured into town for the Macmillan Takeover Day. As soon as we arrived, you could see the bright green t-shirts, wigs, foam hands and buckets all waiting for us, in the Pret window. The thought of dressing up in this funky attire was an excitement in itself! Once we were dressed and ready to go, with a quick boomerang for the Godolphin Instagram, before we set off. Proudly, Jess and I strode through town, buckets in hand, ready to put a smile on people’s face. We began with a little dance, that got a few peculiar looks. However, this was all worth it once the money started to roll in for such an amazing cause.

Feeling very chuffed with the amount of money that we had collected, we began to head back to Pret. Here, we were treated to a delicious lunch, which gave us a boost of energy for what was to come next… the most exciting part of the day! We all began to assemble outside M&S, where the extravaganza would commence. We all stood, looking symmetrical in our brightly coloured wigs and t-shirts. Some of us covered from head to toe in stickers, from the excitement of going as full out as possible, me included! Suddenly, we began singing: 'Stand by Me' and 'I Need Somebody to Love'. This brought many tears to people, especially as so many people have been touched by this amazing cause in many different kinds of ways. This was such an amazing day, which definitely made me want to give back and help others, for such an amazing organisation.

Millie Kunzer, Sixth Form Student

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