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"Warm wishes" from Mrs Hattersley

Ejh 8 March 2019 8

Dear Godolphin Girls

I hope the sunshine today brings you a bit of good cheer in spite of the gloomy situation we are all in. These are undoubtedly strange times and I expect it feels a little surreal – it certainly does to me. The weeks ahead are going to feel very different, but I hope that you can still feel Godolphin is a constant and reassuring presence for you as you continue with your studies and spend significant periods of time at home.

On that note, I wanted to remind you all to stay safe and to heed the Government advice. I know it will be tempting to want to meet up with friends to share all the ‘drama’, but please don’t. The advice is there for a reason and by staying at home and not mixing with other people, you will be saving countless lives. Think of our invaluable NHS and the support services alongside them that are doing their utmost to keep us all safe. Perhaps you saw that desperate clip on social media about the critical care nurse who had finished her shift and couldn’t find any food to buy as it had all gone? Those are the people I am talking about. Now is not the time to be selfish. Let’s support our families and put others first by being kind and compassionate.

Whilst we are not physically in the same place at the moment, you are all very much in my thoughts. It’s important to take breaks from your online learning and, as I said in my prayers last week, to look upwards and outwards too. Remember to thank your teachers, when an appropriate opportunity arises, and keep Godolphin up to date with things that you may be doing to help your local community. Any good news stories would be great to have.

I shall write again at the end of term, but in the meantime, warmest wishes for the days ahead. Stay safe and stay well.

Mrs H