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Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

This year’s Take Your Daughters to Work day took place on Friday 14 February, just before Lockdown made this sort of interaction impossible. Between them, students visited a wide range of organisations, including barristers’ chambers, aviation specialists, small businesses and arts centres, as well as household names such as PwC, the British Army, and Southampton University.

The aim of the day is to help our students to begin to understand the differences between school and work; to help them grow in confidence in a non-school environment; and to give them insights into how to negotiate the journey from school to work; and it was most encouraging to see these areas reflected in the reports students wrote on their placements.

As well as observing the differences between school and work, students undertook three tasks: writing a summary of the organisation they visited; a reflective timetable of their day; and an interview with one (or more) of the employees that they met.

All the reports made interesting reading, but reports by the following three students stood out:

• Martha E, for a very thorough piece of research on Knight Frank, real estate consultancy

• Jess L, for her thoughtful reflective diary of her day at HSBC

• Isabel S, who wrote up detailed accounts of four different interviews she undertook at Denton’s law firm.

Very well done to all of the students for their hard work and participation, and thank you to all of the parents who organised the days.

Bethan Ferguson, Head of Bright Futures