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Learning the benefits of physical activity


Director of Sport, Hamish Morton did a brilliant talk to our Third Year students on 'The Benefits of Physical Activity'. The PSHE Department has organised a series of talks for the Third Year based on our curriculum. The girls really loved it and Mr Morton talked a lot about how to balance screen time and physical activity in the school day, now most girls are have up to five hours screen time for school.

He also talked a lot about well-being and gave them lots of little tips about things to do between classes. I think it’s good that we are addressing how the girls can find some balance in this new way of learning.

This was the challenge Mr Morton set the for the next week: get up and move as soon as you wake up. Before you check your phone, turn on your computer etc. He said the students will feel better for the whole day if they follow this advice. He discussed the top three benefits of being active. Then he moved on to show how learning breathing techniques can reduce stress and anxiety.

See all the videos below.

Vicky Wilson, PSHE