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Godolphin GCSE results

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Today’s “exam” results have been issued to a cohort of very hard working students, who have been stoic, determined and at times very philosophical about the hand that they have been dealt this year.

Not only have these results been based on two years of work and assessment but the students have further demonstrated themselves worthy of high grades through their subsequent engagement in remote learning. The final results issued are a fair reflection of the grades that students would have achieved had they sat the exams in the summer, and are in line with our high expectations of grades of similar cohorts in previous years.

The main focus for today is that our students are able to progress to the next step of their educational careers. This year’s cohort have chosen a full range of subjects to continue to study, with high numbers opting for traditional physical sciences, Psychology, Geography, Art History and Business, along with subjects such as Economics, Latin, English and Food Science. We regret that our students have not had the opportunity to excel themselves in the exam room where they may have exceeded everyone’s expectations, however that opportunity will come in another two years’ time, when this year’s trials will seem a long time ago.

Head, Emma Hattersley, commented “after all the uncertainty and upheaval I am delighted that our students have received an excellent set of results today. All credit to them for their hard work and perseverance in such difficult circumstances. These are exciting times for the year group as they embark on their sixth form studies and move forward knowing their hard work has been recognised. My warm congratulations to them all.”