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Fourth Year students take on thought-provoking Mathematical challenges

293 24Th June2019 Godolphin School Photo By Ash Mills

Today we took a group of 31 able Fourth Year Mathematicians to St Joseph's School for a morning run by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme. They joined with about 150 students from other schools in the area.

The morning started with some thought-provoking Mathematical questions designed to challenge and stimulate all the students. This was followed by a short talk about where Mathematics might lead you to in a career, before a fun Team Challenge. Organised in three rounds teams of four students from at least two schools had to work collaboratively to solve a range of different and difficult problems. Lani Wei and Angel Zhao worked in a team with students from St Joseph's and were placed 3rd overall.

The morning concluded with a talk by Ben Sparks from Bath University titled The Creation of Number. Ben asked "Where do numbers come from?" and explored how numbers have developed from simple counting through to the creation of Fractal Images by Benoit Mandlebrot in the late 20th Century.

Geoff Smith, Head of Mathematics