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Exploring mark making with inspiring artist, Kyra Cane

Artist In Residence Kyra Cane 15

Artist and potter Kyra Cane spent a day in the art department on Thursday 12 March inspiring GCSE, AS and A Level students by running a workshop exploring mark making. The day followed our Art Department's usual format with the visiting artist demonstrating techniques that they use in their own work. This was followed by workshops where student’s developed their own artistic studies inspired by the artists lead. Students worked with a range of materials including charcoal, graphite, watercolour and inks. The work that the students created will be submitted for their examination preparatory studies both in sketch books and on their mounted sheets.

Kyra will be showing her work at Ceramic Art London on 22 – 24 March 2020 Stand 36, details can be found here.

Photographs from the day can be found here.

Nick Eggleton, Head of Art & Design