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Compliments all round for Godolphin's ensembles during Pro Corda Chamber Music Festival 2020

Pro Corda Cmf 16

On Thursday 30 January, Godolphin hosted one of the first rounds of the Pro Corda Chamber Music Festival 2020. Eight Godolphin chamber ensembles took part alongside groups from Millfield, Sherborne Girls’ and Clayesmore Prep. The adjudicator, Marianne Olyver, was very complimentary of the Godolphin ensembles: The Clarinet Concert were congratulated for their choice of tempo, and for how their performance captured the humour of the ragtime piece; The Flute Quartet received praise for their warm and engaging sound, and spirited performance; Tutti Flutti were noted for their sensitive playing, as well as their bright and fluent performance; The Scholars’ String Quartet were congratulated for their musical approach which showed an understanding of the style and character; The Folk Violin Quartet were recognised for their warm and resonant tone, and their good understanding of the style and mood; Folk Trio One gave a lively and energetic performance, with well-managed syncopations, and Folk Trio Two’s warm and expressive playing was praised. The Folk Quartet completed Godolphin’s entries, receiving acknowledgement for their lively and persuasive sound which showed an empathy with the style.

Congratulations to all of our ensembles for performing so well.

Photographs from the day can be found here.

Olivia Sparkhall, Head of Academic Music