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Art Scholarships

The Art & Design Department at Godolphin School is recognised for producing exciting and innovative work of excellence. Students have the opportunity to work in a richly creative and stimulating environment. Their teachers are not only practitioners of their own craft but also cover a wide variety of different art forms. The facilities are excellent, and we offer Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Textile Design, Photography and History of Art.

Scholarships in Art & Design are available at 13+ and 16+ and candidates are selected by a process that includes a portfolio inspection of current work and informal interview with the Art & Design staff. These awards are very popular and we usually have many more applicants than awards to give and it is vital, therefore, that potential scholars are well prepared before they apply. Help and advice can be sought from Nick Eggleton, the Head of Art & Design, who can be contacted at this email.

We hope that Art Scholars want to discover more about Art in the broadest sense, and lead their peers by example in enthusiasm and achievement.  In the past Art Scholars have really enjoyed the experience of being a scholar however we expect real commitment not only to the department but to the school community as a whole. We have a great deal of fun but it does come at a price and should not be undertaken lightly.

We treat Art Scholars with a great deal of respect and as such expect them to work hard not only on their creative studies but also to set the standard for others to follow. For applicants to the junior school, successful candidates are required to study the subject at examination level up to the end of the GCSE course where their progress is reviewed. If successful then they continue their studies to A2 level.

We expect commitment to the subject and all scholars are expected to attend sessions after school to enhance their understanding of the subject and to assist the teaching staff in their duties. As the students get older they are required to attend life drawing classes for two sessions per week.

All Art Scholars should attend the History of Art lecture programme run by the head of that department, Sara Radice.  These happen on a regular basis throughout the year and dates and times of these are published in the school diary.

We have an annual Art Scholars Exhibition in May which highlights the achievements of our scholars and others within the art department. This is seen as a showcase for our students and it is an expectation that all art scholars will help the art staff in hosting the event. This involves guiding visitors around the exhibition, helping with the running of the event and, as they get older, exhibiting their work.

From time to time throughout the year we organise a variety of different activities from workshops with visiting artists to exhibiting art work both locally and nationally. We visit art exhibitions and museums on a regular basis and we would expect all scholars to join us for these events.

Art & Design Scholarships are much sought after, and offered only to those considered to have the requisite ability, potential and commitment to benefit fully from the award. The Godolphin School reserves the right to withdraw Art & Design Scholarships if a student proves unable or unwilling to fulfil our expectations.

For further information on our Scholarships, please follow this link to our Scholarship Booklet 2017.