Our Modern Foreign languages department celebrates the enjoyment of language and learning for life.

Meet the Team

The team

  • Nathalie Monediere

    Head of Modern Foreign Languages

  • Nicola Daubeney

  • Reyes Avila Cabrera

  • Martina Cibis

  • Charlotte England

  • Niamh Green

  • Laura Rojas-Hindmarsh

Our department celebrates the enjoyment of language and learning for life. We want our students to develop the ability to learn a language so that they can draw on this vital skill at any time in their life. Passionate about opening their minds to other cultures, we provide lots of opportunities to go on diverse foreign trips and school exchanges. This infectious enthusiasm is central to our teaching and breeds positivity and often excellent exam results! We currently offer French, German and Spanish, and Mandarin as an optional GCSE.

Follow the link for the KS3 and GCSE Handbooks.

Nathalie Monediere

Head of MFL

27 Jun, 2018 Senior
Poppy’s Personal Best!
25 Jun, 2018 Senior
Godolphin Sports Awards
18 Jun, 2018 Nursery & prep
Ski Team at the Southern Schools Open