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Transport & Travel

From September 2020 we are launching our new and improved School Bus Service which is now managed on our behalf by Vectare, a specialist school transport management company.

All bookings for our school bus routes should now be made via our new online booking system, which can be accessed at

You can find more information, including maps and FAQs on the Vectare site.

Godolphin intends to run five bus routes that will cover a range of areas including Andover, Fordingbridge, Shaftesbury, Twyford and Winchester.

However, we may adapt the way that the service is delivered to accommodate the most up-to-date government guidance concerning COVID-19.

The Transport & Travel brochure for Godolphin can be found here.

Andover Route

Pickup/Drop off Point Inbound (approx times) Outbound (approx times) Zone
Andover Garden Centre 07:30 18:02 C
Middle Wallop, The George Inn 07:38 17:53 C
Broughton, Rectory Lane 07:46 17:45 B
Godolphin 08:15 17:20

Fordingbridge Route

Pickup/Drop off Point Inbound (approx times) Outbound (approx times) Zone
Fordingbridge, Car Park 07:40 17:45 B
Breamore, Village Hall 07:45 17:40 B
Downton, The Bull 07:50 17:35 B
Charlton All Saints, The Stag 07:53 17:32 B
Downton Rd, BP Garage 08:03 17:26 A
Godolphin 08:15 17:20

Shaftesbury Route

Pickup/Drop off Point Inbound (approx times) Outbound (approx times) Zone

We are aware of increased interest in the Shaftesbury area, so we will be reviewing the Shaftesbury route during the first few weeks of term. Changes may be made depending on the requirements of pupils. For more information on this service, or to request a stop if there is not currently one to suit your needs, please contact

Shaftesbury, Teso 07:10 18:15 C
Shaftesbury, Pix Mead Gardens 07:14 18:13 C
Ludwell, Birdbush 07:15 17:10 C
Chicksgrove Turn 07:28 17:57 C
Broad Chalke, Queen's Head Pub 07:40 17:45 B
Stratford Tony, Manor Farm 07:46 17:40 B
Coombe Bissett, Drove Lane/Stratford Tony Road 07:50 17:35 B
Old Blandford Road, Harnwood Road 08:01 17:32 A
East Harnham, Harnham Road 08:03 17:30 A
Godolphin 08:10 17:20

Twyford Route

Pickup Point Inbound (approx times) Outbound (approx times) Zone
Twyford, Churchfields 07.:10 18:15 D
Romsey Bus Station (Stop A) 07:35 17:53 C
Shootash Crossroads 07:42 17:48 C
Sherfield English, Grammar Cottages (Sherfield Sports Feilt) 07:47 17:43 C
Whiteparish, All Saints' Chuch 07:52 17:38 B
Alderbury, Lights Lane 08:00 17:30 A
Godolphin 08:15 17:20

Winchester Express Route

Pickup/Drop off Point Inbound (approx times) Outbound (approx times) Outbound (late) (approx times) Zone

The Winchester route will offer two departure times in the evening; the regular service at 17:20 and the late bus at 18:15. Bookings for the late service can be made online and, subject to availability. This can be used by any student, whether they would normally use the earlier service or not.

Winchester, Tesco Extra 07:05 18:15 19:07 D
Winchester, Worthy Lane Coach Park 07:20 18:05 18:57 D
Winchester, Bereweeke Road 07:25 18:00 18:51 D
Stockbridge, Saint Peter's Church 07:45 17:45 18:38 C
Godolphin 08:15 17:20 18:15

Parents are asked not to park in the designated bus stop, or layby, as this will prevent the school bus from parking safely, or from stopping at all.

For advice on any aspect of the School's bus service, please contact

N.B Please note that all routes can be subject to delay as a result of unforeseen circumstances.

Passengers are reminded that they must be at their stop and ready to board at least five minutes before departure.

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