Ash Mills School General 2017 2

Staff List

Staff may be contacted via email by using their surname and the first letter of their Christian name followed by With the exception of Mrs Emma Hattersley who can be contacted on

Head Emma Hattersley BA (Dunelm) Postgrad RAM
Senior Deputy Head Richard Dain MA (Oxon), PGCE (London)
Deputy Head Academic Chris Hillman MPhys, PhD (Southampton) (Physics)
Deputy Head Pastoral Jenny Price BA (Dunelm), PGCE (Cambridge)
School Business Manager Alexandra D'Arcy-Irvine BA (Hons) ACA
Head of Sixth Form David Hallen Esq BA (Middlesex)
Head of Upper School Nicola Daubeney BA (Exeter), PGCE (Cambridge)
Art and Design Mr N Eggleton BA (Camberwell), ATC & PGCE (University of London)
Mrs S Duggan BA (Winchester)
Ms E Findley BA (Leeds Metropolitan)
Mrs J Josey City & Guilds Teachers Certificate (Basingstoke)
Mr C Wright BA (Edinburgh)
Business & Economics Mr D J Miller BA (Nottingham), PGCE
Mrs N Owers BA (Nottingham), PGCE (Southampton)
Head of Bright Futures Programme Mrs B Ferguson BA (Newcastle)
Chaplain Rev'd Dr Stella Wood MA, DPhil (Trinity Ox)
Classics Mrs P Campbell MA (Edinburgh) PGCE Cantab MEd Cantab
Mrs M Bayliss BA (Exeter), PGCE (King's College London)
Mrs C Cowie
Mrs S Radice BA (Reading)
Computer Science Mrs S Davis BA (Exeter), MSc (Bath), PGCE (Bath Spa)
Mrs W Laptain BEd (Manchester)
Drama Mrs R Houston BA (Goldsmiths) PGCE
Mr D Hallen Esq BA (Middlesex)
Mrs C Short BA (Hons) Leeds, LGSM (Guildhall)
Miss M Lewis
Design & Technology Mrs S McNulty BEd (Sheffield Hallam)
Mr P Conner HND 3D Design (Kent)
Mrs V Scott
Speech and Drama Mrs M Ferris LGSM, LTCL
EAL Mrs K Lay MA (Oxon) Cert TESOL PGCE (Winchester)
Ms A Parkes BSc (Manchester) Cambridge ESOL
Mrs S Coghlan BSc Hons (Exeter) Cert TESOL PGCE and MEd (University of Western Australia)
English Mrs C George BA (London)
Mr T Pollard
Mr R Dain MA (Oxon)
Mrs M Edouard BA (London)
Mrs C Smallwood BA (Lancaster) PGCE (Cambridge)
Miss S Jones BA (Wales)
Mrs K Tarring
Food & Nutrition Mrs C Complin BSc & PGCE (Bath)
Ms C Archer
Mr G Clarke
Mrs E Visser
Geography Mrs S Collishaw BSc (Wales)
Mrs J Morris MA (Bath), BSc (Liverpool)
History Mr P Jones
Mrs S Eggleton MA (Aberdeen)
Miss J D Miller BA (Belfast), MEd (Open)
Dr S Wood MA, D Phil (Oxford)
History of Art Mrs S Radice BA (Reading)
Librarian Mrs D Jones BA (Oxford)
Learning Support Mrs C Firth BA (Open), BSc Psch, MSc SpLD (Southampton)
Mrs A Eccles BA (Exeter)
Mrs C Palmer MA Ed (Open), BA (Exeter), PGCE (Kingston), Dip SpLD
Ms A Jackman MMath, MSc (Bristol), PhD (Imperial), PGCE (IOE)
Mrs S White MA (Edinburgh), CELTA
Dr J Miller
Mrs H Allison-Brown
Mathematics Mr G Smith
Mrs A Bacon BSc (Southampton)
Mrs N Owers BA (Nottingham), PGCE (Southampton)
Mr D Roberts BSc (Warwick), PGCE, M.Ed
Mrs A Byam BA (Greenwich), PGCE (Open)
Mrs R Stratton BSc (Exeter)
Modern Languages Mrs N Monediere BA (Reading)
Mrs M R Avila Cabrera Lda (Alicante)
Mrs C England BA (Warwick) PGCE (Exeter)
Mrs N Daubeney BA (Exeter), PGCE (Cambridge)
Mrs L Danieli BA MA (Venice University), PGCE (International Nottingham), PGCE MFL (Southampton)
Mrs R Dain BA (Valparaíso), PGCE (Southampton)
Ms E Bally BA
Sr J-M Verdu Cortes Diplomado (Alicante)
Music Mr R Highcock BMUs (London)
Mrs O Sparkhall BA (Dunelm), PGCE Cantab
Ms A Standing DipABRSM BMus(Hons) MA
Physical Education Mr H Morton
Mrs S Pokai BA (Brighton) QTS
Mrs L Banks BA (Wagner College, New York), PGCE, QTS (Buckingham)
Mr J Powell MA (Nottingham Trent)
Mrs S Robertson BA (Hons)
Mr S Pannell BSc (Brunel University), QTS (Essex)
Mrs S C Harvey BEd (Exeter)
Ms J Caplen (LTA Tennis Coach)
Mrs S Drummond (Netball Coach)
Mrs K Addison (Swimming & Equestrian)
Mr P Viant (Hockey Coach)
Mrs J Melhuish (LTA Tennis Coach)
Mrs E Barron (Tennis Coach)
PSHCEE Mrs S Eggleton MA (Aberdeen)
Mrs B Ferguson BA (Newcastle)
Mrs V Wilson BA (Leeds)
Miss S Flynn BSc (Warwick)
Mrs J Price BA (Durham), PGCE (Cambridge)
Psychology Mrs S Forward BSc (Hons) (Birmingham), MSc (London), Cert Ed (Portsmouth)
Miss S Flynn BSc (Warwick)
Religious Studies Dr R Lidgett BA (Hons), PhD Birmingham
Rev'd Dr Stella Wood MA, DPhil (Trinity Ox)
Mrs S Collishaw BSc (Wales)
Mrs J Morris MA (Bath), Bsc (Liverpool)
Science Dr C Thrower BSc (Hons) (Plymouth), MSc (Dis) (Exeter), PhD (Manchester)
Dr B Medany BSc (London), PhD (Nottingham), PGCE (Loughborough), MCIEA
Dr C Hillman MPhys, PhD (Southampton) (Physics)
Dr C Parker BSC (Hons) Edinburgh, PHD, Edinburgh
Mr R Pocklington BEng (ISVR, Southampton) PGCE (Bath)
Mr W Hutchinson
Mr J McNulty BSc (Leeds), MSc (Leicester)
Mrs A Thommesen MA (Cambridge)
Mrs L Mitchell BA (Oxon) PGCE (Oxford)
Mr R Ingram BSc M Med Sci (Queen's Belfast), PGCE (Southampton)
Dr Lisa Arrowsmith BVSc, MRCVS (Liverpool), PGCE (Open)
Ms JH Day
Technicians Mrs A Bushby
Ms J Pocklington BSc (Sussex)
Mrs P Meikle
Miss M Llewellin
School Doctor Dr R Clapton
Dr Smith
Health Centre Sister G Davey RGN
Sister K Weeks RGN
Sister V Coupe RGN
Mrs D Brining
Mrs F Demain-Griffiths
School Counsellor Mrs S Mustard UKCP, ADHP(NC), CNHC
Mr S Mustard
Head of Admissions Mrs C Florence
Admissions Assistant Mr J Lycett BMus (Hons) MMus
Head of Marketing & Alumnae Mrs S Sowton
Marketing Assistant Mr A Newsome
HR Manager Ms D O'Donnell
HR Administrator Mrs J Wilson
Accountant Mrs Emma Lay
Assistant Accountant & Payroll Clerk Ms Jeni Colton
Financial Controller Mrs Fiona Brown
Estates Manager Mr M Nelson MBIFM, MCMI, MCISPA
PA to Head of Godolphin Mrs E Brooking BA (Hons) (Middlesex)
PA to Deputy Head & Academic Deputy Mrs M Corbin
PAC Secretary Miss M O'Meara
Exams Officer Mrs P Fordham
Swimming Pool Manager Mr G Richards
CCF Mr A Reavill
Facilities Management Mr D McGregor
Mr M Waters
Grounds & Lettings Manager Mr J Williams BSc (Worcester)
Housekeeping Mrs J Roberts
Security Mr G Smith
IT Support - Medhurst Support Adam Wyne - ​IT Technician
Brandon McDonald - ​IT Technician
School Shop Manager Mrs N White
Receptionist / Admin Assistant Kamla Taylor
Receptionist / Admin Assistant Shona Rogers
Graduate Gap Assistant Miss C Abuteir
Sixth Form Centre Mr D Hallen BA (Middlesex)
Boarding Houses
School House (Sixth Form Boarding House) Ms S Jones - Housemistress
Mrs S Hallen - Assistant Housemistress
Mrs S Huff - Day Matron BEd (Nottingham Trent)
Cooper (Senior Boarding House) Mrs M Edouard - Housemistress
Mrs V Wilson BA (Leeds) - Deputy Housemistress
Miss S Flynn - Resident Tutor
Mrs O Egerton - Day Matron
Walters (Junior Boarding House) Mrs R Avila Cabrera - Housemistress
Mrs W Laptain - Resident Tutor
Mrs S Ramsdale BEd (Hons) (Liverpool) - House Matron