228 17Th Sept2018 Godolphin School Photo By Ash Mills

The School Day

Timings throughout the day

Time Activity
8.25am Registration
8.30am Prayers, Chapel Tutor Time
8.50am Period 1 (Wednesday 8.55am)
9.55am Break (Wednesday 10.00am)
10.20am Period 2
11.25am Break
11.30am Period 3
12.35pm Lunch
1.45pm Period 4
2.50pm Break
2.55pm Period 5
4.00pm End of Period 5. Tea (girls with activities go to tea first, others with prep, go to tea at 4.10pm)
4.15pm Session 1 Activities begin.
4.30pm Start of Session 1 Prep
5.10pm End of Session 1 Activities & Prep
5.20pm Start of Session 2 Activities & Prep First Buses depart
6.00pm End of Session 2. Sixth Form and Fifth Years may go to supper
6.05pm Session 3 Activities begin First & Second Years not in activities to go to Walters: prep or quiet time. Third & Fourth Years not in activities to go to Cooper: for prep or quiet time
6.15pm Prep girls to Supper Second Buses depart (Mon to Thurs only)

You can view the bus timetables here.