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The School Governing Body has the following Committees:

Full Committee

  • The full Board meets termly with the school’s management team in attendance. Reports are received from the five committees who also meet termly.

Management and Finance Committee -

  • This committee oversees both the performance of the school and the varied management issues that arise

Development Committee -

  • This committee oversees Marketing, Development and Fundraising

Prep & Education Committee -

  • The role of the committee is to oversee the all-round education of the pupils (pastorally and academically) and management issues in the Senior School and the Prep School and to act on the authority of the Governing Body in a monitoring and advisory role. The committee subsequently refers to the full Governing Body any proposals for major change. Its findings and recommendations are reported to the Governing Body for ratification or further consideration.

Governance Committee -

  • This committee oversees the school’s policies and the appointment of Governors.