208 9Th June Godolphin School By Ash Mills

GO Read

Reading can relax, inspire, educate and motivate. When you find a book which grips you (and, despite my general love of technology, I confess am still somewhat of a luddite with a preference to unplug with a traditional paper book), pages and minutes fly past. Some students will say reading is boring or they do not have the time; I would argue that if it is boring they are reading the wrong books (recommendations are in our Library) and if they do not have time they ought to review their priorities.

Students seem to find plenty of time for Instagram and Snapchat; so perhaps rather than whiling away half an hour on the internet they might instead get through a few chapters of a great fiction or non-fiction title; it is about priorities. More practically, reading improves the reader’s vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar and teaches how to write fluently and coherently. Who could possibly argue that such skills will not be of benefit to any subject at school, as well as beyond education?

With all this in mind, at Godolphin we are proud to be launching our Reading Strategy to develop and broaden the reading of our students and staff. You will see from this leaflet that we have divided it into several strands with ambitious goals in each one. We are placing books around the buildings in mini-libraries and, of course, the Library will be at the heart of our planned new building developments through the Learning and Technology Exchange. 

George Budd, Deputy Head Academic, @GodolphinEd