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Close competition for Godolphin's inaugural Hackathon

Hackathon 2019 21

We delighted to welcome visiting Prep schools to Godolphin Prep recently to take part in out inaugural Hackathon competition. Teams of four year 5 girls from various Prep schools, including Godolphin Prep, battled their way through a range of challenges. They were all aiming to take away the lovely trophy created by the Godolphin DT department, which included a working Raspberry Pi computer built in to the trophy.

Activities included both robotics and unplugged challenges. The teams used colours to program Ozobot robots, broke into a safe in which they found a Raspberry Pi computer which they then had to try and access, programmed a Sphero robot using iPads, completed a wide range of code breaking challenges, programmed a Lego Mindstorms robot to navigate a maze using touch and proximity sensors, and worked out various computational thinking challenges.

The competition was close, with the visiting team from Leehurst Swan achieving second place, but the overall winners were a home team from Godolphin Prep.

Photographs from the Hackathon can be found here.

Sandra Davis, Director of Digital Strategy