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Inspiring Minds, The Outreach Programme

Inspiring Minds is our way of engaging with children in other schools and giving them the opportunity to experience our outstanding teaching and school facilities. We run a programme of events throughout the year suitable for a variety of different age-groups. Our outreach approach is flexible and activities are tailored to suit individual requirements. 

Contact Olivia Sparkhall, Head of Outreach on 01722 430643. Email her to find out how your pupils might benefit from one of these activities or to book a place.

The Gifted and Talented stamp highlights workshops that can be tailored around the needs of 
high-achievers. Ask for more details.

Mini Swimming Galas

Take advantage of Godolphin’s indoor pool and show-off your swimming skills in this fun gala! Children will take part in races which cater for their swimming ability. We offer plenty of width races, races using floats and competitions involving collecting objects from the bottom of the shallow end. Individual and team games will be included.

When – June
Suitability – Years 2 / 3 / 4
Popularity – space for teams from several schools
Cost – free (tea provided)
Why – a very first opportunity to take part in a swimming gala

The Great Godolphin Egg Race

Schools are invited to enter Year 6 and Year 7 teams of 4 members each. After an introduction to the task, girls have about an hour to create their devices. The constructions undergo a rigorous testing programme followed by prize-giving and the awarding of the trophy to the winning school.

When – date tbc.
Suitability – Years 6 and 7
Popularity – spaces available for plenty of schools
Cost – free
Why – a rare opportunity to indulge in competitive practical science

2016 Godolphin
2017 Farleigh

Lacrosse Taster Days

The Godolphin lacrosse players are amongst the best in the country. Learn how to play this exciting game and be inspired by our talented girls.

When – throughout the year; please contact us to select a convenient date
Suitability – Years 4 / 5 / 6
Popularity – very popular
Cost – free
Why – learn the basics from inspirational National champions

Inspirational Music Workshops

Sing with Godolphin’s award-winning choir; the Godolphin Vocal Ensemble, or play with our inspirational instrumentalists. Learn tips from these talented girls and enjoy performing with some of the best young musicians around. Experience the thrill of singing in a huge choir and learn how to communicate more effectively or take part in a fantastic orchestra, playing alongside our music scholars.

When – date tbc.
Suitability – Years 3 to 8
Popularity – plenty of space
Cost – free
Why – every child should experience this!

Creative Writing Workshops

Our resident inspirational author, Tamar Hodes, will empower girls to write. During the session girls will produce a short story or a poem.

Tamar Hodes has had ten stories broadcast on Radio Four and many others published. For the past twenty years she has taught English to adults and children and run courses in Creative Writing in schools, prisons and universities.

When – date tbc.
Suitability – Years 5 and 6
Popularity – high, but dates available
Cost – free
Why – is there a better introduction to the art of creative writing?

Classics Discovery Days

Our hugely popular Classics discovery days enable girls to find out more about ancient Rome and Greece from a team of experts. The emphasis is on practical activity leading to a more in-depth understanding of these fascinating cultures – the traditions and rituals are brought alive in front of the girls to their obvious delight!

Roman Experience

  • Dress as a Roman
  • Fire water balloons from a Roman ballista
  • Build a Roman arch
  • Make Roman bread
  • Fight in the Battle of Rubicon
  • Design your own shield and win a prize

Greek Experience.  Please select this link for a video of our Godolphin Greek Experience

  • Dress as an ancient Greek
  • Invade in a real Trojan horse
  • Compete in a chariot race
  • Build the tallest spear
  • Make yourself a Greek nameplate
  • Design a prize-winning caparison

When – date tbc.
Suitability – Years 7 & 8
Popularity – very high
Cost – free (snacks and lunch will be provided)
Why – an incomparable introduction to Classics