Godolphin Speech Day

School Partnerships

Community Partnerships

At Godolphin we recognise how important it is to work in partnership with other schools: sharing ideas, resources and good practice, in order to provide the best possible outcomes for all. We nurture a special relationship with our partnership schools, holding curriculum meetings, staff training events, lectures, study days, workshops and opportunities for collaborative work; all of which we consider to be mutually beneficial for our respective communities of students, staff and parents.

We feel privileged to have wonderful facilities to share, and encourage a constant stream of visitors to our swimming pool, fitness suite, sports hall, sports pitches, conference rooms, Performing Arts Centre and school hall.

Staff enjoy spending time in our partnership schools helping to, for example, develop a computing curriculum, teach Italian and Spanish, give guidance on the art curriculum, adjudicate a music festival, demonstrate dissection, run music workshops, help with SEND training, help with reading and spelling, run ECO club, run the PTA and teach Latin. We enjoy hosting Wessex Partnership meetings, and are always happy to lend our equipment out to schools in need. Community engagement is at the very heart of who we are at Godolphin, and our partnerships enable us to make a real difference both in Salisbury and further afield.

Olivia Sparkhall, Community Engagement Co-ordinator