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Elizabeth Godolphin Award (EGA)

One of the strands in the Elizabeth Godolphin Award (EGA) involves students engaging with the community as either a one-off or a regular commitment. The service might be career-related or to do with students’ subject-interests, but this is not a requirement. We know how important it is to establish the good habits of giving, be it by direct donation or in-kind. Therefore our sixth-formers are required to volunteer for a community service, giving them an insight into lives and institutions beyond school, and an opportunity to use their skills to help others. Many have signed up to support community interest companies and charities in Salisbury, ranging from conservation to healthcare; homelessness to food banks; primary school-children to the elderly. Volunteering in this way reflects Godolphin’s commitment to our community, enriching both the girls’ experiences and the lives of others.