Stephen Lycett’s new book!

A SALISBURY author has published his first novel looking at a “rich and colourful” phase of English history.

Stephen Lycett, who is the former head of English at Godolphin School, says he is “very excited” to be releasing Mr Blackwood’s Fabularium, which is set in Victorian England.

He said: “My hope is that it will capture the imagination of readers who share my fascination with Victorian England. It’s such a rich and colourful phase of English history.”

Set in 1851, the book tells the story of a group of travellers on an excursion to the Great Exhibition in London.

While on the train, they tell colourful tales which form a panorama of Victorian England – from the bookbinder’s story of the lost library to the governess’s story of a scandal in a young ladies’ academy.

It provides a glimpse into day-to-day life in the mid-nineteenth century and Mr Lycett says it will appeal to fans of Victoriana, steam engines, top hats, ghosts and bathing machines.

The book is the culmination of six years of pain-staking research by Mr Lycett.

In order to get every detail correct, he spent many hours poring over manuscripts in the London library.

He also studied Victorian language to ensure that the dialogue of his characters was historically accurate and avoided the use of modern words not in existence in the mid 1800s.

Mr Blackwood’s Fabularium can be ordered directly online at or via Amazon.


Article and image from the Salisbury Journal.