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For help with choosing the right career for you: – lots of games, quizzes and ideas to help you think about which jobs would suit you best. Try the Buzz test and find out which animal you are, or have a go at Fortune teller…make sure you click on the suggested careers and watch the 5 minute videos too.

Complete the Pathfinder quiz on the careers section of the school intranet – it will come up with lots of suggestions for you to think about
Lots of factual information about choosing jobs and careers. if you like sciences and maths, try this! Lots of interactive ways to find out about jobs that might suit you if you enjoy languages, have a look at this site. and short video clips of people talking about how they made their choices. A quick and easy way to get lots of insights.

If you want insight into a particular career try:

The eClips resources on the careers section of the school intranet – lots of information on every job out thee.

The “How to get into” series, run by the Guardian. lots of information and advice on getting into jobs after university.


For information and help about university choices – follow the Choosing Courses strand for step-by-step advice, and take the Stamford Test to get some ideas

University league tables can help compare universities and courses. short clips of students talking about their courses, universities and how they made their decisions. the ruthlessly independent guide to student life at UK universities this website is designed for university students, but gives excellent guidance about careers available after particular degrees. Click on careers advice, then options with your subject, then choose the subject you are considering. this website is free to use and is an independent source of information and advice to help you find the right degree course and university – featuring a simple-to-use search tool that lets you filter course results on the things that matter most to you, real-life student insights from nearly 300 UK universities and colleges, plus expert advice on everything from applications to student finance.


Personal Statements:


(Please note that new Admissions Tests may be introduced and students should remember to check if they are required to do an Admissions Test.  For more information on Admissions Test also look at our ‘Beyond the Sixth Form’ booklet)

BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) [used for Entry to medicine, veterinary medicine and biomedical science courses]:

English Literature Admissions Test (ELAT) (University of Oxford only) [used for Entry to undergraduate courses in English]:
History Aptitude Test (HAT) (University of Oxford only) [used for All degree courses involving History]

Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT) (University of Ulster only) [used for Entry to certain medical courses at the University of Ulster]:

National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT) [used for Entry to law and some combinations of law and other subjects]:

Mathematics Aptitude Test (MAT) (University of Oxford only) [used for Entry to mathematics or computer science, or a joint honours degree involving mathematics]:

Modern and Medieval Languages Test (MML) (University of Cambridge only) [used for Entry to modern and medieval languages]:

Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) (University of Oxford only) [used for Entry to physics, physics and philosophy, any engineering science course, and engineering, economics and management]:

Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP) [used for Entry to mathematics]:

Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) Cambridge [used for Entry to computer science, natural sciences, engineering, economics, land economy and politics, psychology and sociology (PPS) at a number of University of Cambridge colleges.]:

Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) Oxford [used for Entry to philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), economics and management (E&M), experimental psychology (EP) or psychology and philosophy]:

Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) UCL [used for European Social and Political Studies (ESPS)]:

UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) [used for Entry to medical and dental schools]:

Additional Aptitude Tests for those applying to certain courses at Oxford University
In addition to some of the Aptitude Tests listed above, there are other Tests for students applying to certain courses at Oxford University.  Therefore, if you are intending to apply to a course at Oxford, you should check with them to see if you need to prepare for and take a particular aptitude test.  Further details can be found at their website:


Information on Oxbridge courses can be found online at:


Information on Oxbridge open days can be found online at:



For all you need to know about university fees and student loans: