Thinking of taking a gap year?

Whether you plan to take a gap year, or just a six-week getaway between A-level exams and the start of university, there are lots of different opportunities to explore.

With competition for university places and employment currently so fierce, it is more important than ever to ensure that your gap adventure is also worthwhile and beneficial to your university or career aspirations.

Visit the Prospects careers website for some useful pages to help you start thinking through the implications of taking a gap year:

What do universities and employers think?

A well-planned gap year can help you develop maturity, resilience and, in some cases, specific skills. The majority of employers and universities recognise this, and will be interested in gap year plans that relate well to degree or career choice. However, you should check individual university websites before you make your plans.

NB. Maths and science admissions tutors are more likely to prefer students to progress straight to university after A-levels – unless you plan a gap year directly related to science, such as those offered by aYear in Industry

Finding out more:

The following links have some excellent advice on planning your gap year, as well as information on organisations offering gap years: search by category of activity, or organisation

Staying Safe

For current advice on staying healthy and safe on your trip, go to the Gap Year section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. Make sure you check out the “Know Before You Go” page.