The Sixth Form is an important time in any student’s life: an opportunity to study for A-levels and do well, to gain new experiences and develop and also, of course, to prepare for the next important stages of your life.  For most students this will be going to university, for others it will be going on to do an Art Foundation course, and for others it will be entering the world of work.  Whatever your plans may be – and many students are not clear about their future direction when they start the Sixth Form – you will be given excellent advice and guidance throughout your time with us.  Your tutor will give you help to identify the right courses and options for you, and will guide you through the appropriate application process.

In addition, you will attend talks and workshops to help you decide on and prepare for you future path.  Our Careers Adviser, Mrs Bethan Ferguson, and Head of Sixth Form, Mr David Hallen, are both based in the Sixth Form Centre and are there to help provide you with further specialist information and advice.  Mrs Ferguson can be contacted on 01722 430554  or via email and Mr Hallen can be contacted on 01722 430632 or via email .