Elizabeth Godolphin Award (EGA)


Lady Elizabeth Godolphin, the founder of  Godolphin, was a woman of energy, tenacity and vision. The Elizabeth Godolphin Award (EGA) is a two-year programme available to girls studying their A-levels at Godolphin and has been designed to offer girls an extension to their academic education.

The EGA looks to be embracing many of the very attributes that attracted us as parents to Godolphin in the first place (the rounded education and girls striving to fulfil their broadest personal potential in a supportive environment, rather than an academic crammer), with the Award bringing this under one umbrella in a structured and logical framework: “Rounded and grounded” as the head of the Confederation of British Industry (the CBI) . From digital to emotional literacy, from debating to presenting, from team work to personal development this new award captures the essence of the school’s ambition for its girls in the years ahead. Please seize these opportunities while you can, equipping you to go out in to the big wide world full of Elizabeth Godolphin confidence.

Emma Hattersley, Head says “As educators I believe it is our responsibility not only to help our students achieve optimum academic results but also to educate them for the broader challenges of life and work beyond school. The EGA will directly address the skills deficit that many organisations have identified in young adults emerging from education. The award will facilitate Godolphin leavers who are confident, independent individuals and who can articulate an informed point of view on a range of subjects both globally and within specific communities. It will also teach competence in a raft of practical skills spanning topics including for example: computer literacy, financial matters, and communication and presentation skills. This accredited qualification that will carry weight and meaning in practical terms and also give them a real edge as they progress into the world.  We feel the award fully endorses the spirit of her original passionate commitment to providing an excellent and useful all round education for girls but places it firmly in a 21st century context.  I hope many generations of Godolphin girls will benefit from achieving an EGA and that it will boost their confidence, expertise and employability.”

Please follow this link to see a copy of the EGA booklet, or for further information on the EGA please contact Mrs Bethan Ferguson, Head of Careers at Godolphin.