Student Council

The Student Council is an important part of our school life. It is there to represent the student voice and meet with the senior management on a half termly basis to discuss matters and initiatives which involve the whole School community.  Students who sit on the Council need to be able to communicate well with both their year group and the staff. They sit on Council for a year and are voted for by their peers after a round of Hustings. Sitting on Student Council gives girls the opportunity to represent their year group and make a difference to the life of the school.

Student Council 2014/2015

First Year- Oriole Gunter and Ella Beckley
Second Year- Lizzie Lickley and Jess Rusby
Third Year- Rosie Mitford and Polly Blythe
Fourth Year- Charlotte Lumby and Zoe Kyle-Henney
Fifth Year- Emily Whitworth and Lizzie Tossell
Lower Sixth – Izy Bryan and Annie Smith (President)
Upper Sixth- Katie Bardwell, Peony Kwong, Sarah Roller (Head Girl) and Becky Ball (Deputy Head Girl)
Sayers- Ella Norman
Cooper- Natasha Fowle
Walters- Eilidh Buchanan