Food Council

Food Council meetings are held approximately every six weeks at both the Prep and Senior School.
At the Prep School we hold the meetings at lunch time, at the Senior School they are held at supper time.

The Food council members, I believe, are voted in by the girls. At the meetings we usually have a cross section of girls from different ages/Houses. Meetings are attended by a Chartwells Manager who takes the minutes.

Several subjects are discussed:

  •  Menus, items which are very popular and dishes only a few like
  •  Suggestions, the girls often suggest foods they would like to see on the menu
  •  Chartwells provide general updates for the council on topical issues for example  – Recycling, Themed Menus, Healthy Eating programme

In all of our dining rooms we provide comment cards for the girls and staff to complete and post back to us. From the comments made and the suggestions the girls make at the Food Council meeting we then adjust the menus accordingly each term.