Scholars’ Programme

Education is about so much more than the exam syllabus, and the Scholars’ Programme encourages students to embrace an intellectual world beyond the textbook: one of exploration and discovery, curiosity and inspiration.

The Programme, which takes place on Fridays at 4pm, has covered subjects as diverse as maths in art, cyber terrorism, drone warfare, fossils, stargazing and the Turin Shroud. As well as encountering new concepts, Scholars are encouraged to explore their own interests, to read, think and talk about their ideas amongst themselves by delivering papers (Upper Sixth) or researching their own projects (Third Year) and taking part in reading groups.

The weekly sessions are compulsory for Academic Scholars, but open to all students.  Certain events though, are reserved for Scholars alone:  the Autumn term Scholars’ Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral, the Scholars’ Outing (in 2012 to Intech to hear Professor Al-Khalili talk on the nature of the universe) and the Summer term annual Scholars’ lecture followed by a formal dinner.

Scholars’ Programmes

Scholars’ Programme – Spring 2017

Scholars’ Programme – Autumn 2016

Scholars’ Programme – Summer 2016

Scholars’ Programme – Spring 2016

Scholars’ Programme – Autumn 2015

Scholars’ Programme – Summer 2015

Scholars’ Programme – Spring 2015

Scholars’ Programme – Autumn 2014

Scholars’ Programme – Spring 2014

Scholars’ Programme – Autumn 2013

Scholars’ Programme – Summer 2013

Scholars’ Programme – Spring 2013

Scholars’ Programme – Autumn 2012


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