Performing Arts Centre

P1 A Fully Equipped theatre with Grand Piano, Orchestra Pit, Recording  Equipment and Stage Lights. This is used for solo, chamber and full orchestral/choral  performances.

  • P2 and P3 both equipped with Hi-Fi, Wall Mounted Screen with DVD and Video.  A set of Electronic Keyboards with Headphones and Power packs. Tuned and Untuned percussion instruments. P2 is also used for Associated Board Exams and Solo  recitals.
  • P4 A fully equipped computer room. There are 9 computers all equipped with Sibelius 4.
  • P5 Music Technology/Library
  • P6 Director of Music/Examination Teaching/Library
  • P7 Music Dept Staff Office
  • P9 PAC Secretary
  • P10 PAC Technician
  • P12 Storage

Rose Villa

Rose Villa consists of 11 teaching rooms across three floors.
Rooms 1 – 10 are all equipped with a piano, full length mirror and music stands. All rooms have shelf space and/or cupboards.

  • Room 3 contains a drum kit and is used for percussion teaching
  • Rooms 7 and 10 are large and are used for small ensemble work.
  • Room 11 is the Kitchen and Room 12 the Staff Room which also contains a computer.