Godolphin School welcomes girls from around the world and approximately 10% of the girls are international students. At present we have girls from:

  • Australia
  • Brunei
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • United States of America

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Term Dates

Please note, the Autumn Term ends with a Carol Service in Salisbury Cathedral. All girls are expected to attend this service and it is therefore very important to make travel arrangements which fit in accordingly. The service is usually over by 4.30pm.

The subjects we offer:

Our exam results:


Destinations of our leavers

School Uniform


Boarders activities

Boarding booklet

Medical and Dental

Co-curricular options

Where we are and how to get to us

What to bring with you and what to buy when you are here

A “Godolphin Glossary” – an explanation of some of the words you will read about or hear at Godolphin

What our international students love about Godolphin:

It’s an all girls’ school.
  The amazing trips and visits organised by the school – Stonehenge, London, Bath, Southampton – interesting places and great shopping!
  Small teaching groups.
  Godolphin is in Salisbury which is a city that is not too big but has all the shops and restaurants and is close to the international airports.
  In the Sixth Form you get the chance to cook for yourself at weekends (if you want to).
  No uniform in the Sixth Form.
  Sixth Form boarders can stay at school on exeat weekends.


What our international students say about Godolphin:

“Godolphin is a school that makes me feel proud to be part of. No matter wherever I go, I can say out loud that I’m from Godolphin, I study there. For me, it’s the best school ever.”

“I felt homesick for two weeks and missed my family and friends very much. But then when I started to get to know people, I felt less homesick.  Everyone was just so nice and friendly. I felt really welcome.”

“This is my first time boarding in a school. It is quite an experience actually, living in one big house with my school mates. It makes my life easier because whenever I have any problem with my schoolwork, I can just go to someone’s room to ask for help.”

“My school was chosen for me and lucky me because I really enjoyed it there!”
International past student

  • A junior boarding room
  • The school in spring
  • A senior boarding room
  • The gardens at the Sixth Form Centre
  • A Sixth Form study
  • An early morning visit to Stonehenge