School Uniform

All girls at Godolphin wear the School uniform, with the exception of the Sixth Form who wear casual clothes during school and business suits for special occassions.

Perry Uniform are the suppliers of the Godolphin School uniform and sports kit. For your convenience there are four ways that you can buy your uniform:
1. Order on-line: the intelligent sizing service helps you order the right size (open 24 hours a day seven days a week) via the Perry Uniform website.
2. Book a personal sizing appointment at the Godolphin in-school measuring event
3. Visit the London showroom for sizing and measuring advice, by appointment
4. Speak to a school uniform advisor on the telephone (9am-5pm GMT Monday to Friday) +44 113 238 9520

The uniform is made up of the following items:

  • A long or short sleeved blue blouse


  • A skirt in Salisbury check – dark blue with red and “pinny blue” checks


  • A dark blue blazer, with red lining and the Godolphin crest on the lapel


  • On formal occasions the girls wear a “board” which is a straw hat with the school crest on it.



  •  Every day at School, the girls wear a “pinny” over their uniform. The Nursery girls wear a gingham pinny, the girls in the Prep School wear a red pinny and the senior girls wear a blue pinny. The pinny is a very important part of the School’s history and tradition and the Prep and Senior weekly news bulletins are called the Red Pinny and the Blue Pinny respectively.

Godolphin_Official_Photo x 600


Godolphin_Nursery (13)

A full uniform list can be found here.

Sixth Form girls at Godolphin are not required to wear a uniform but there is a dress code for when they are at school. Girls are encouraged to dress comfortably and sensibly and the following are not allowed while attending classes:

  • Pyjamas
  • Frayed or torn clothing – including jeans
  • Clothes that are too revealing – short-short skirts, crop tops, see through materials, plunging necklines
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Leggings and jeggings
  • Flip flops

The girls are required to have a business suit which is worn on formal occasions, such as services in Salisbury Cathedral, and when taking visitors on tours of the school. The suit should be something that would be suitable for a job interview.