Policy Documents

At Godolphin we work hard to ensure that our girls are well cared for, happy and safe.  To this end we encourage our community to be aware of school policies which affect the students’ well-being.  A selection of our key policies can be found by clicking on the links below. They are also available from the Deputy Head, Mr Richard Dain, or the School Office.

Godolphin School Policies

These policies are relevant to the whole school:

Accessibility Plan 2016-2020
Admissions Policy
Assessment and Marking
Attendance and Absence
Behaviour and Discipline
British Values at Godolphin
Complaints by Parents
Disability and Accessibility
Equality and Diversity
Exams Policy
First Aid
Guardian Policy
Health and Safety
Illegal Substances
Living together at Godolphin – Anti-bullying
Living together at Godolphin – Complaints by Students
Missing Student
Pastoral Care and Personal Development
Policy for Progress
Privacy Notice for Parents
Privacy Notice for Parents of Younger Children
Provision of EAL
Provision for Students with particular religious dietary language or cultural needs
Pupil Holidays in Term Time
Recruitment, Selection and Disclosure
Safeguarding Policy and Procedures
School Uniform and Appearance and Sixth Form Dress Code
School Worship
Search Policy
SEND Policy
SEND Internal Policy
Sex and Relationship Education
Staff Code of Conduct
Student Code of Conduct
Teaching and Learning
Trips Policy (Incorporating Residential Visits)
Visits to Town
Whole School Welfare Risk Assessment

Godolphin Prep Policies

Listed below are policies with specific reference to Godolphin Prep School. Additional information about Prep school policies can be obtained from Mrs Sue King.

Godolphin Prep Able, Gifted & Talented Policy
Godolphin Prep Assessment Policy
Godolphin Prep Behaviour Policy
Godolphin Prep Collective Worship Policy
Godolphin Prep Curriculum & Learning Policy
Godolphin E-safety Acceptable Use Policy – Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3
Godolphin E-safety Acceptable Use Policy – Years 4, 5, 6 and First and Second Years
Godolphin Prep Homework Policy
Godolphin Prep Intimate Care Policy
Godolphin Prep Missing Child Policy
Godolphin Prep Pastoral Care and Supervision Policy
Godolphin Prep Sex and Relationships Education Policy
Godolphin Prep Teaching and Learning Policy
Godolphin Prep Arrivals and Departures Policy