Learning at Godolphin is not limited to the classroom and the girls have access to an extensive rage of activities after lessons end. In any given term there could be as many as 20 activities to chose from and these cover a diverse range of interests, skills and fun!

After lessons, there is a short break when the girls enjoy “buns” (snack time) and can then participate in one or two different activities, including completing their prep. Amongst the activities they can chose from are:

Art * Book Club * Cello * Choir * Clay * Crafty Club * Decoupage * Fiddle-Dee-Dee * Film Club * Fun Cookery
Gymnastics * Hockey * Kick Boxing * Lacrosse * Lego Robots * Movie Making * Recorders * Science
Stitch Club * Strings * Swim Squad * Technology * Yoga * Zumba