Prep Curriculum

We are proud of our emphasis on the core subjects as we believe it is important for the girls to feel confident in English, mathematics and science. Prep girls achieve academic success (including scholarships) in 11+ examinations. The girls are taught by highly qualified and professional subject specialists from as early as Year 1 and their progress is monitored to ensure they are all achieving their potential. We use IT, trips and visiting speakers to support our teaching and we enjoy whole school projects such as commemorating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta through visits, workshops and the whole school making and glazing barons or celebrating the Queen’s long reign by visiting Windsor Castle and making castles.

In the summer term, Year 6 girls follow a revised timetable to enable them to complete the Prep Elizabeth Godolphin Award. This programme is designed to ensure that the girls have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain qualifications in a number of areas to smooth their transition to the Senior School.

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