Boarding at Godolphin offers girls a dynamic and safe community where they are able to build friendships for life, live and work together as part of a team, and where kindness, graciousness and compassion enable them to become confident girls in a contemporary world.

Walters House is our Junior Boarding House accommodating girls from 7 – 13 years old; and it takes its name from the famous crime fiction author, Minette Walters, a former pupil at Godolphin.  Walters has light and colourful dormitories and twin bedded rooms.  Our ‘Sit’, Computer/Games room, Foyer and Kitchen provide comfortable areas where girls can spend time, relaxing together.  Boarding in Walters is like being part of one big, busy, caring and happy family.  You are surrounded by friends and cared for by a team of dedicated House staff. 

The happiness and welfare of your daughters is of paramount importance.  With care and sensitivity they are guided and supported both pastorally and academically and encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities.

We offer boarding in three stages through the school:

  • Junior Boarding (Walters House):  7 – 13 years
  • Senior Boarding (Cooper and Sayers Houses):  13 – 16 years
  • Sixth Form Centre (School and Jerred Houses):  16 – 18 years

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