Health Centre

Sister Gill Davey oversees the Godolphin Health Centre and is ably assisted by her caring and compassionate staff.  Well known for her quirky sense of humour and direct approach, Sister Gill often gets her message across by using poetry or adjusting the words of popular songsā€¦

The Godolphin School Health Centre

The Health Centre is open 8-6
Hearts, minds and bodies we try to fix.

For boarders registered with the school GP
She is in three times a week, for you to see.

We are all very nice, kind and gentle.
Any conversation with us is strictly confidential.

If you need to rest your weary head,
If you are feeling awful we will find you a bed.


Sister Gill Davey
Health Centre
Tel: +44 (0) 1722 430645


Useful meditations from Sister Gill:

By the sea

Calming breath

Just sitting

Peaceful shower

Quickly relax


Sleepy time

Space breath


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