Godolphin Plus

The Godolphin Plus programme for our Junior and Senior Boarders has been designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Godolphin School is, and has always been, determined to provide a wide, liberal education that allows all girls to develop their existing interests and explore new ones in as many forums as possible.  Godolphin Plus provides us with an extra forum in which we can deliver these goals.
  • We recognise each and every girl as an individual within our community and therefore will provide a variety of activities and opportunities to interest everyone.
  • Consultation and flexibility are key touchstones for the programme.  Each term will be different, and as requests are made we will, where possible, endeavour to fulfil them.  Feedback is always welcomed.
  • Whilst the boarding community consists of individual Junior, Senior and Sixth Form houses, it is also important for each group to connect with the others and so whole boarding community events are included throughout each term.
  • Godolphin Plus aims to provide opportunities for enrichment in the areas of being healthy, being safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being.  All of these tenants will be included in the programme each year.
  • Part of becoming an independent learner, and indeed an independent young adult, is learning how to manage time effectively.  With the close guidance and support of House staff and tutors, we hope that Godolphin Plus will help all our students become adept at balancing their academic, extra-curricular, social and other activities and commitments.