Cooper & Sayers (13-16 years)

Cooper is open and friendly, with a smart and fresh appearance.  The character of Cooper is generated not only by the elegance and setting of the building but also from the girls’ exuberance and staffs’ warmth.  With stunning views across the Downs and a spacious ground floor layout, girls can come back from lessons and enjoy a vibrant and stimulating atmosphere with comfortable furnishings.  Dorms (for Third and Fourth Years) and studies (for Fifth Years) are also well equipped and a pleasant place to be.

Cooper is a bright and lively house, with much interaction between the girls (aged 13 to 16) and staff.   Individuality is fully embraced and encouraged.  Discipline is delivered in a firm but fair and caring way to ensure the community of Cooper looks after each other as well as our surroundings and belongings.  Mrs Miranda Edouard (Housemistress) and Rebecca Harris (Resident Tutor) provide a nurturing environment so that girls will develop through the three years they will spend here into independent and confident young ladies with strength of character and resilience.  Mrs Yvonne Meek is Cooper’s Day Matron.

Sayers is a small, homely, close-knit Senior House, run by Housemistress Mrs Vicky Wilson and Miss Martina Cibis is Deputy Housemistress.

The girls live and mix happily in the structured yet relaxed environment, where self-discipline, tolerance and a sense of responsibility are encouraged, the expectation being that as they progress to the Sixth Form Centre, it is as assured, considerate, respectful and independent young adults.

The Sarums attached to Sayers are invited to integrate as much as possible in order that they too have the opportunity of benefitting from an all-encompassing experience at Godolphin.

Our aim is to create a caring, secure and enriching community where each individual can flourish and contribute fully to the life of the House.

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