Godolphin prides itself on the outstanding pastoral care of pupils.   The wellbeing of each girl is key and all pupils are supported by an excellent team of highly experienced and caring staff in a warm and secure environment.

The school is structured so that every pupil has her own dedicated tutor, who they meet with daily.  All tutors are members of staff who can provide guidance and a listening ear.   Stella Wood, Godolphin’s Chaplain is also available and provides an important role and additional support to the girls,  as does the School Counsellor, the girl’s Head of House and Sister Gill, the School Nurse.

All our inspection reports have found that the girls and parents praise the staff for their excellent relationships with the students and that the guidance received through the PSHCEE (Personal, Social and Health, Citizenship & Economic Education) programme is outstanding. The pastoral care was found to be one of the key strengths of the school.  

We encourage our pupils to look after one another, to take responsibility for their own actions and to help others so we can all enjoy a happy and thriving community.  


Niamh Green
Deputy Head Pastoral