13+ Entry

13 +Assessment 

Godolphin has a bespoke 13+ Assessment which your daughter will be invited to complete approximately 18 months prior to entry.   We will write to request a Head’s reference prior to assessment and, during the course of the assessment day, your daughter will complete entrance papers in Maths and English. She will also be interviewed by the Head or a member of the Senior Staff and participate in some team building exercises. We will write to parents following the 13+ Assessment with the results and an offer of a place, providing the candidate’s results fall within the school’s qualifying criteria. 13+ CE results will be used for setting purposes.


Important Dates for 13 + Assessment – September 2019 Entry

Friday 9 February 2018Closing date for registration
Thursday 1 March 201813+ Entry Exams & Assessment Day

*Friday 19th January 2018 – 13+ Forum for Parents –  6.30pm, Performing Arts Centre, (PAC) Godolphin School

13+ Scholarship Dates – September 2018 entry

Monday 27 November 2017Entry Deadline
Tuesday 23 January 201813+ Scholarship Assessments
Wednesday 24 January 201813+ Scholarship Assessments
Thursday 25 January 201813+ Scholarship Assessments
Friday 9 February 2018Parents receive scholarship results by 1st Class Post
Monday 5 March 2018Deadline for Acceptance of Scholarship Awards

Parents interested in 13+ entry for September 2018 should contact Mrs Corinna Florence, Head of Admissions florencec@godolphin.wilts.sch.uk

For further information on the 13+ Assessment Day, please follow this link:  Frequently Asked Questions for 13+ Assessment